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Monster Jam Showdown – RELEASE DATE & KEY ART

It’s showtime!

The wait has been almost unbearable, but now we can finally unveil the official key art and release date for Monster Jam Showdown!

You got a sneak peek of the game during the Xbox Partner Preview on March 6th, now get ready to show what you’re made of on August 29th!

Or earlier, thanks to the Early Access that will unlock on August 26, 2024.

We know what the Monster Jam world is and means to all its fans. That’s why we’re aiming to recreate a faithful reproduction of it, along with unique environments and various events which will make the fun even bigger and louder than on TV. You will race in all three categories of venues hosting real-life events: all of our stadiums are inspired by the existing ones, to let you feel all the energy of those events. But as we said, official competitions are just the surface of the overall experience. You will be able to drive your favorite trucks in three original environments inspired by the American great outdoors: the barren desert of Death Valley, the stunning forests and crystal rivers of Colorado, and the cold and wild mountains of Alaska. From head-to-head races to freestyle to specifically designed events, a total of ten different game modes will grant a strong mix of arcade experiences both online and offline, including split-screen.

As you can see from our key art, Grave Digger™ and Megalodon™ have been chosen to introduce this newest entry in Milestone’s catalog. That’s because we know that the very essence of Monster Jam, besides official and over-the-top competitions, is its iconic trucks: untamed 1,500-horsepower beasts that are yours to unlock and master. Monster Jam Showdown will feature 66 official trucks (40 in the base game and 26 through free or premium DLCs), and more than 140 liveries to personalize your vehicles with. Let others know what kind of MJ driver you are!

With such powerful beasts under your control, showing others what you are truly capable of means capturing the true essence of Monster Jam: that’s why Monster Jam Showdown will feature arcade gameplay endowed with comprehensive and customizable driving aids. Crazy maneuvers and stunts will be yours to master and show while enjoying both trucks and objects around get demolished at every impact, or boosting for an extra injection of entertainment. Thanks to our technology and expertise, we’ll ensure an approachable yet rewarding gaming experience with truthful physics.

Monster Jam Showdown is developed in Unreal Engine 5: thanks to its cutting-edge technology we have created authentic environments, never seen before in a Milestone game, enhanced by lots of graphical details and an unprecedented light system. We have also empowered gameplay possibilities and the physics system, to offer you the most up-to-date Monster Jam experience.

Monster Jam Showdown will be available on August 29th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, with Early Access available from August 26, 2024.