Monster Jam Background



No doubt you can handle a Monster Jam™ Truck, but what about your adrenaline? Monster Jam™ Showdown features a new trailer to tease all of its fans.

Some of the most iconic trucks in a fast-paced sequence: do you really need more to feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? That’s right, you don’t. In the new trailer Just in Monster Jam, we want to give you but a taste of the action-packed gameplay you’ll face once you get behind the wheel.

Fancy for spectacular tricks to amaze the crowd and make Monster Jam an even more one-of-a-kind show? The Freestyle is all you need. MJ experts and novices alike can improve their craziest stunts, or learn them from scratch, to show what they’re made of: wheelies, donuts, bicycles… the only limit is your eagerness to impress. Don’t hold back, whether inside stadiums or out in environments. The more you dare, the more you get.

Not enough, you say? Of course not, that’s why we have off-road races: to bring the fun of Monster Jam™ Showdown beyond the official locations and events. From crazy track designs to extreme weather conditions, boost your way through every obstacle and to victory. Unpredictable scenarios await you for an immediate and frantic experience.

But what kind of game would it be without a proper Showdown? Get ready to enjoy the Showdown Tour, where you can play up to eight game modes: a non-linear campaign packed with events spanning three original biomes recalling the wilds of Death Valley, Colorado, and Alaska.

If you’re still up for competition after all of this, we’ve got you covered: split-screen is the perfect feature for thrilling couch play sessions with family and friends, while the online leaderboards are waiting for their next rising star. You won’t end up twiddling your thumbs, that’s for sure!

Can you feel the adrenaline rushing? Monster Jam™ Showdown will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC as of August 29, 2024, with Early Access available from August 26, 2024.