Monster Jam Background




The competition never rests and the stakes raise in the new Monster Jam™ Showdown Freestyle trailer.

See those jaw-dropping, crazy phenomenal tricks?

You can attempt all of them and more: you just need a cool head and the will to dare.

Don’t hold back, unchain your creativity and throw yourself into the havoc.

Join numerous events in ramp-filled locations, perfect for whatever stunt you’re planning, and don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do: tutorials will be there just for that! From experts to newbies, you Monster Jam™ lovers can breathe the same energy as real-life events: it’s your turn to amaze the crowd with bicycles, moonwalks, donuts, stoppies, and more!

While we know the importance of a traditional approach to Freestyle, with its controlled chaos unleashed in stadiums, we also wanted to give you the chance to let it loose completely: that’s why you can experience it even in wild open-air arenas with distinctive looks and styles.

On the one hand, you will feel the atmosphere of the official competitions you grew to love and cheer for.

On the other, the themed environments let you perform in the most iconic and extreme locations.

From Alaska to Colorado and til Death Valley, these original layouts have been designed to enable the craziest tricks: moonflips, corkscrews, barrel rolls… just say the name and get your Monster Jam Truck ready! And it’s not over, because what kind of Freestyle would be without some challenges? In the wild arenas, destructible objects such as drones, hanging targets, or huge board structures will be your tricks up your sleeves to keep the combo multiplier going and push the limits of your trucks even further!

The fun will be epic this year: are you ready for the show?

Monster Jam™ Showdown will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC as of August 29, 2024, with Early Access available from August 26, 2024